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Sunset Cruises – Restoration of Peerless II

22 May

If you’re a member of the CSSMA, you’ve probably noticed the ads for Sunset Cruises (www.sunsetcruises.ca) out of Port Carling, Ontario. Sunset Cruises provides public and private cruises aboard Peerless II and Idyllwood taking guests to corners of the Muskoka lakes that larger boats don’t go. If you plan on visiting the area this summer, consider taking a cruise on one of these unique boats.

The Idyllwood is a faithful restoration / reproduction of a 1920s era, 40 foot, private yacht accomodating 12 guests in luxury.

Peerless II was the last supply boat to operate on the Muskoka lakes. Built and delivered in 1946, the Peerless II delivered British American Oil products and later Gulf products after Gulf’s acquisition of BA in the 60s. Click on the link above to read the full history of the Peerless II.

Captain R.S. Potts, a CSSMA member has started a blog to show the restoration process of Peerless II.

Click here to view the blog – Captain Potts’ Blog