Have you seen this one yet?

14 Oct


I’ve come across a new website that I just had to pass along to all of you. I know you’re going to enjoy it. This one is brought to you by a collector from out west and there are some pretty incredible collections featured on the website.

Click the link below to see for yourself and while you’re at it, give him a “Like” on Facebook to keep up with additions to the site.


Spot the “Screwdrivers”

10 Jan

Our Winter 2012 Garage Door News should be landing in members’ mailboxes very shortly. One of the articles in this issue features the Shell Oil license plate topper and the story behind Shell’s “Share the Road” campaign.

As promised, here is the full size image of the ad in that article.

Screwdrivers(Click for a larger view)

The summer GDN is in the mail!

4 Jul

Just sent off all the summer Garage Door News in the mail today. Watch your mailboxes!

Here’s a picture from one of the articles in this issue. The small picture in the magazine just didn’t do it justice. There’s a lot to look at so I wanted to give you all the chance to see it full size (click on the picture to see full size version). Check out that billboard. How would you like that for the side of your garage?!

As always, this issue is full of great pictures, stories, coming events and much more.

I’m always looking for feedback. Send me a note to let me know what you think of the Garage Door News!

-Terry gdn.editor@gmail.com

Sunset Cruises – Restoration of Peerless II

22 May

If you’re a member of the CSSMA, you’ve probably noticed the ads for Sunset Cruises (www.sunsetcruises.ca) out of Port Carling, Ontario. Sunset Cruises provides public and private cruises aboard Peerless II and Idyllwood taking guests to corners of the Muskoka lakes that larger boats don’t go. If you plan on visiting the area this summer, consider taking a cruise on one of these unique boats.

The Idyllwood is a faithful restoration / reproduction of a 1920s era, 40 foot, private yacht accomodating 12 guests in luxury.

Peerless II was the last supply boat to operate on the Muskoka lakes. Built and delivered in 1946, the Peerless II delivered British American Oil products and later Gulf products after Gulf’s acquisition of BA in the 60s. Click on the link above to read the full history of the Peerless II.

Captain R.S. Potts, a CSSMA member has started a blog to show the restoration process of Peerless II.

Click here to view the blog – Captain Potts’ Blog

Red Indian Flare from 2011 Winter GDN

28 Jan

Hopefully everyone has received their copy of the Winter GDN and is enjoying it!

Page 20’s “It’s a Gas” featured a neat find by CSSMA member Wayne Woods. The issue was almost complete and I couldn’t fit it in on a coloured page so I thought I’d post it here so you can enjoy it in colour.

Photo by Derek McEwan

For those of you who aren’t members of the Canadian Service Station Memorabilia Association, here is the story Wayne sent us about this unique item…

“I discovered this home made Red Indian flare proudly displayed on a shelf at Mullen’s Esso Service Station located East of Pembroke, Ontario.
   Nicknamed a “slut”, it was used throughout the winter months, during the logging days in the Ottawa Valley,  to alert Teamsters of any dangers ahead on the logging roads during the late 1920’s and 1930’s.
   An interesting second life for an old oil can.”

Thanks for sharing this with us all, Wayne!



The Fritshaws’ California Trip

8 Jan

One of the articles in the 2011 Winter Garage Door News was sent in by CSSMA Treasurer & Membership Chairperson, Gail Fritshaw. We could only print a handful of pictures in the newsletter but the slideshow below is the whole batch!

Hover your mouse over the picture for arrows that will allow you to click forward or back or pause the slideshow to view a picture longer. If you’d prefer to browse the pictures in a larger batch, you can also view them on our Flickr photostream by clicking here.


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The Winter GDN is DONE!

31 Dec

Our 100th issue is now complete!

I’ll be sending it off to the printers this weekend and I’m aiming to have them mailed out the second week of January as soon as they’re printed. As always, the Winter issue is a little larger than the others so there’s more great stuff for you to enjoy!